m.tech or mba : higher studies after engineering in India

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M.tech or MBA: higher studies after engineering in India

So, as you are here chances are high that you have graduated with engineering or going to graduate in near future. And if you are among those who were not hired by a typical it company or was always eager to do higher studies, you might be thinking “M.tech or MBA?”. Don’t worry, this post has got you covered. But if you are someone who has just got into engineering, then please read  Things you should start after getting into engineering.

Before starting let me make it clear that we are only talking about higher studies after engineering in India, opportunities to study in foreign is not discussed in this post.

I am going to give a total overview of two fields.

Let’s start with M.tech.

What is M.tech?

So, M.tech stands for masters in technology (In some universities it is also called M.E i.e masters in Engineering).

duration of the course: 2 years

minimum qualification required: B.tech or B.E, B.arch, B.pharm, M.sc or equivalent.

Entrance exam: GATE (Graduate aptitude test in engineering)

Exam conducting authority: IISc Bangalore or any IIT (changes every year).

Institutes who offer M.tech: mainly IIT, NIT, IIIT, some state university and some private university across the country

What is MBA?

MBA stands for masters in business administration.

duration of the course: 2 years

minimum qualification required: graduation in any discipline

Entrance exams: CAT, GMAT, MAT, XAT and more.

Institutes: IIM, IIT and thousands of more institutes.


When should you go for M.tech?

As I said above M.tech is a 2 years post graduate degree basically on some specialization of engineering. Like if you are an electronics engineer then you can opt for communication, VLSI, signal processing, Embedded systems etc.

Likewise, a student of any branch chose from the specializations offered to gain more in-depth knowledge of that subject.

Different institutes have different criteria for a different course.

Go for m.tech  if you

  •  did gather enough interest in some subject in your undergraduate and want more knowledge in that subject
  • your undergraduate was not enough to quench your hunger in technology.
  • want to work in some big tech companies but could not get placed in those after undergraduate.
  • want to supervise some technical work.
  • always wanted to work in.
  • want to stick to your field.
  • expand your opportunity to work in a government organization
  • are a techie, then blindly go for m.tech.
  • want to go into research or teaching profession.


When should you go for MBA:

MBA is also a 2 year PG degree that offers more of a business and economics knowledge.

Here also you have to opt for specialization in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operation Management etc.

Go for MBA if you

  • always had managerial skills
  • always had the ability to handle people and situations
  • you have some entrepreneurial goals.
  • was never interested in tech.
  • always loved economics and statistics.



So we have discussed both the options and reasons to choose.

If you want a PG degree and want to get a good salary package, then both degrees are great,

But course outcome depends on from where you are pursuing the degree.

If it is from an IIT or IIm then you should not even think twice as your chances of employability increases drastically.

In my personal opinion, MBA has slight better employability than M.tech and the average salary is also higher in MBA if both the degrees are pursued from a tier 1 college in this country.


Anyway both the degrees have their merits and demerits. If we want to criticise, criticism would never end.

So, in final words, if you are a techie, go for m.tech and excel in the technical field and if you are kind of a managerial person, go for MBA.


Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or you can contact me here.


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