Things you should start after getting into engineering

what to do in engineering

Congratulations for getting into engineering. We will be discussing things you should start after getting into engineering.

Yeah, I know you have been hearing so many negative things about engineering and conditions about engineers. And sadly most of these are true(Unless you are from a tier 1 college like IIT or NIT). The number of engineering students in this country is getting so high that today every house in the country own an engineer or is in the making.

In spite of all these negativity, let us focus on the brighter side and let us make the perfect use of these four years i.e probably the most vital four years of your life.

Some of you might be pursuing your study from home while rest are going away from home (and probably for the first time) to stay in a hostel. So, good luck to the hostellers and hope you will be having the best four years of your life.

So, now let’s talk about things that you should start doing while you are in engineering.

1. Start practicing a hobby or skill:

So, if you ever had a dream of playing a keyboard or guitar or playing some specific sport then this is the best time to fulfill that dream.


Join a guitar class or piano class or even join some theatre group (if you love to get on the stage) or join a dance class; whatever you like but keep continuing doing that. Most of the guys start different classes but only a handful of them continues attending these classes.

So stick to a schedule and keep going.

2. Start working out:

This is the perfect age to make a good physique and you all know “health is wealth” – indeed it is. Owning a good physique can instantly boost your confidence level and it will improve your overall public image.


So, take a gym membership and follow a protein-rich balanced diet and start working out, lifting weight and you will thank me later.

2.Learn a programming language:

Irrespective of your branch you should start learning a programming language. At least you should learn the C language very well. And if you grow some interest in programming, you can then learn some high-level languages like python, java or c++.


So, if you want a job in hand in the fourth year, you should learn the basics of programming from the very first.

4. Improve your speaking ability:

To get placed in a reputed firm along with your technical knowledge your communication skills are of utter importance. So start brushing up your grammar and all. And start communicating with new people. Make a goal like talking to a new people every day and practice professional conversation with your friends. Work on your fluency and pronunciation.

5.Enroll in some online courses:

One of the biggest advantages of living in this century is that we have internet. If put to the good uses, the internet is the most valuable resource in today’s world.

So many great websites are there to learn so many things just with one click of your mouse.

Enroll in some online courses to learn some specific skill that will make your CV stronger.


Here are some top websites for online courses on different topics:

coursera ,udemy,edx etc.

Although these websites have paid courses, you can always opt for a free course without a certificate if you just want to learn without certification.


So, these were the things you should start after getting into engineering.

Go, enjoy the engineering life.

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